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Cypress Creek Cottages is Pet Friendliest


Pets Are Always VIPs at Cypress Creek Cottages 


The Very Important Pet (VIP) treatment

Don't suffer separation anxiety! For $10.00 a night per pet, you and your best friend can enjoy a relaxing getaway. Your pet will be treated like royalty. S/he is greeted by a welcome package suitable for a VIP, including a welcome letter, pet treat, complimentary toy, pet pillow, bowls, and "just in case" wee pad.


Unlimited Pet Park Use

Pets are VIPs at Cypress Creek, and they always get unlimited access to our fenced pet park. Located by Cottage 2 and Cottage 3, the pet park is the place for you and your pet to play and meet other VIPs. We also provide a overed seating area for your convenience. The park is illuminated at night, so you can see your pet while s/he enjoys some nighttime play.

Unlimited Pet Access to Cypress Creek

Unlimited Access to the Cypress Creek

Pets are VIPs at Cypress Creek, and they always get unlimited access to the beautiful Cypress Creek. Located by Cottage 9Cottage 10, and Cottage 11, the Cypress Creek is the place for you and your pet to relax, walk, and play. We also provide a scooper, bags, and trash can for your convenience.


Pet Day Care

Your best friend is in good hands with us. If you need to see the sights and experience Wimberley without your pet, leave your pet with us! Pet day care is based on availability and is open from 9 AM to 5 PM daily. For $20.00 per hour for each pet, it is the best deal in town. Your pet gets plenty of attention, a walk, and treats. You can book Pet Day Care at checkout or give us a call.

Helping Others

Take pride in knowing 25% of your pet fee is donated to a local pet charity dedicated to finding foster homes for displaced and less fortunate pets. At Cypress Creek Cottages your pet is always welcome and every pet stay helps a less privileged pet!