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What to See & Do in Wimberley, Texas

Get Your Piece of Heaven in Wimberley, Texas

Central Texas is home to the Texas Hill Country, a region that is distinctive for its natural beauty as defined by some rather “un-Texas-like” topography: breathtaking hills, winding roads, rugged terrain, creeks, and rivers. Beyond its physical beauty, the Texas Hill Country is home to a number of small towns, each with its own unique culture and character.

Located in the very heart of the Texas Hill Country, Wimberley (often misspelled Wimberly) offers a "Bit of Heaven" to over a million visitors yearly. Quite possibly known as the coolest little town in Texas. Wimberley is a charming, artsy, and picturesque Texas village located between San Antonio and Austin. With roughly 4000 residents, Wimberley captures the absolute best of two worlds: the peace and renewal of nature alongside the unique attractions and neighborly warmth a smaller city offers.

Top 10 Things to See & Do While in Wimberley Texas - Guest Favorites

There are many things to see and do while in Wimberley. While we encourage you to explore on your own, we've taken some time to compile a list of guest favorites.

  • Swimming at Blue Hole - a great place to swim
  • Zipline across the scenic hills - enjoy and send us your pictures
  • Shopping Market Days - first Saturday of every month (except Jan. and Feb.)
  • Emily Ann Theater - Shakespeare anyone?
  • Outdoor movies at the Corral Theater - great fun for all ages
  • Sampling locally produced wines - a must do for all romantics
  • Strolling through historic Town Square
  • Golfing at the Quicksand Golf Course
  • Cruise the Devil's Backbone and take in the breathtaking scenery
  • Glass Works Factory - see the art of glass blowing first hand

Top Area Restaurants - Guest Favorites

Wimberley and the surrounding area are home to many restaurants. Indoor and outdoor dining is available in most places, and the food and beverage choices are enough to satisfy a wide range of tastes. Vegetarian and kid's meal options are available in most restaurants. We encourage you to check out the area restaurants and seek out places that appeal to you. However, we have compiled a short list of our guests' favorites.

  • Cypress Creek Cafe and Buzzard Bar 
  • Marco's Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria
  • Leaning Pear Cafe & Eatery
  • Ino'z Incorporated - wonderful deck overlooking the Cypress Creek
  • Milagro’s – Hill Country Tex Mex
  • Jobell Cafe - Lunch and dinner offered
  • Mima's Kitchen - Breakfast Tacos
  • Kate's Place – Delicious Homemade Food
  • Linda's Fine Food - Great Takeout and Delivery
  • Salt Lick - Family Style, Texas BBQ in Driftwood
  • Brewster's Pizza - don't miss their sister business, Middleton Brewing Co.

Check Out the TripAdvisor Widget for More Ideas on What to See & Do

For more on what to see, do, and eat while in Wimberley, check out the latest TripAdvisor widget, then come and spend the night with us! Don't forget the kids and pets. One night stays and overnight trippers always welcome, but for a really good time plan on staying three or more nights.