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4 Reasons to Ditch Airbnb This Year

In the decade since its launch, Airbnb revolutionized the travel industry, making it easier than ever to find and book accommodations around the world.

But times are changing and by 2023, there might be some compelling reasons to ditch Airbnb in favor of other accommodation options. It’s time to break up with Airbnb in 2023 and explore some other short-term vacation rentals that may make more sense for travelers.

Reasons to Ditch Airbnb: The Fees

A recent article was written about the pros and cons of Airbnb, and when the writer did a search for a 3-night stay in Austin, Texas (just a 45-minute drive from Cypress Creek Cottages in Wimberley), the per-night rate was $149, but the total was nearly $1,000!

In recent years, the rental giant has come under criticism for the lack of transparency with their fees. Many of these fees (and the rules for staying as an Airbnb guest) are set by the property owner and not by Airbnb itself. These include things like cleaning, pet, and miscellaneous fees.

Hotels and other rental properties often have a standard cleaning fee, but we’ve seen several viral social media stories where Airbnb guests share their bills, having been blindsided by the plethora of fees. A $100-200 a night rental could have a $400 cleaning fee for a weekend stay, for example. And that could be in addition to rules saying guests must perform cleaning tasks like doing the dishes and washing their bedclothes. No one wants to be their own maid in someone else’s house when on a vacation they paid for.

Though Airbnb released a statement saying that they would look into the exorbitant fee structures being applied to many rental properties on their app, it’s not looking like much will change this year or in the future.

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Management Issues

Another big disadvantage for Airbnb users is the availability of support staff and management.

What happens when the toilet overflows or the shower breaks? How will you have to wait if you accidentally lock yourself out? Where can you take your pet for a potty break?

Because Airbnb properties are often managed by a single person or a couple who don’t always live on the property, getting assistance with everyday (or one-in-a-million) issues is going to be a much bigger hassle.

And when you are paying that much for a vacation rental, you expect to be taken care of.

Cypress Creek Cottages, though we are a privately owned business, always makes sure to have staff onsite 24/7 and 365 days a year. So, while you may feel like you’re in your own little vacation bubble, our staff is always just a call away for a maintenance issue or to deliver a bottle of wine, a dozen roses, and gourmet chocolates while you enjoy all of our other amenities – like the private hot tub!

Service Inconsistencies

All it takes is a quick Google search and you’ll find tons of articles with titles like “People Are Sharing Their Worst Airbnb Experiences on Twitter” and “Readers Share Why They’re Shying Away from Airbnb.”

The giant company flipped vacation rental services in its head 10 years ago, but now most of that shine has worn off. And though we have shared several reasons for this decline in Airbnb’s popularity, many of these issues can be filed under one umbrella: inconsistency.

When you stay at a branded hotel, like a Marriott or a Hilton for example, you can often expect a certain level of service. These huge hotel brands have different types of rentals available from luxury to express. But if you stay at two different locations of the same hotel chain, you will rarely be in for a surprise.

This is the crux of Airbnb – it started as a way to quickly rent out vacation homes, properties, and even rooms in your primary residence. And for a while, the low cost was worth the inconsistency for guests. But now, those guests are tired of trying to figure out what the “catch” is going to be when they book their stay.

Some rentals have exceedingly strict rules about pets, guests, noise, and cleaning routines. And for all that hassle, many people think staying in a hotel, even if it’s more expensive, is the better alternative.

But what if your next stay in the Texas Hill Country could have the privacy and feel of a small operation, with all the amenities and luxury of a hotel stay, all for a similar price?

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Cypress Creek Cottages: For the Best of Airbnb and Hotel Stays, All in One Place

You don’t have to choose between a rock (hotel) and a hard place (Airbnb) when you want to explore the Texas Hill Country. Cypress Creek Cottages has private cottages with all the necessities of home, the luxuries of a hotel, and the excitement of a new adventure without all the fuss and disappointment.

There won’t be any surprise fees or inflated prices – we just want you to come to your Texas home away from home and enjoy a relaxing or invigorating break from your normal life.

Cypress Creek Cottages has 12 cottages to choose from – all of which are pet friendly, come with a private hot tub, and even have a full kitchen, living area, and designer bedrooms for you to enjoy.

Check out our website for all the amenities and experiences we offer for short-term rentals. And don’t forget to book early!

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