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4 Tips for a Relaxing Getaway

Are you in need of a break from the chaos of everyday life? A relaxing getaway might be just what you need to recharge and rejuvenate. Whether you’re planning a solo trip, family vacation, or romantic weekend with your significant other, there are countless ways to make sure your getaway is as relaxing as possible.

From in-room spa services to enjoying a serene and unplugged hike, there are tons of reasons why Cypress Creek Cottages and the Texas Hill Country are the perfect ingredients to add to your relaxing summer vacation recipe.

Here are some of our favorite tips for a relaxing getaway.

Texas Hill Country Guest Favorites

Make a Plan, But Be Flexible

Vacations are full of to-dos and lists- from packing to flights, lodging, and activities. That’s why we have a helpful Hill Country itinerary to browse as you prep for your vacation! There are lots of great local spots to explore, things to do and see, and food and drinks you don’t want to miss!

Because you can’t see everything all at once, you’ll have to make some choices. We recommend having a rough plan for the big things you want to hit and leaving some flex time for the rest.

For example, if you absolutely want to hike in Dinosaur Park (one of the hidden gems we featured in this article), you’ll want to plan which day you’re going so you can make the 2-hour roundtrip without feeling overwhelmed or rushed. But if you want to hit some local spots in Wimberley, you can keep those plans more flexible and adjust them as your day goes on. This alleviates the “time crunch” feeling many people blame for their inability to relax while on vacation.

And while part of the fun of vacation is getting to see and do all the things you’ve been looking forward to and planning, you also want to allow for the natural evolution of a fun day. If your family finds a great swimming hole and ends up spending most of the day there when you only planned for a quick afternoon swim, don’t sweat it! Keep the sunscreen stocked in the car and allow the day to evolve naturally.

Some of these fun deviations end up being the best memories you’ll have of your Hill Country getaway!

It’s also important to embrace flexibility because it helps distance you from the stress and feelings that come with always having to plan everything ahead. If you have a rough outline, you remove the stress of having to make last-minute decisions, but you also allow yourself the freedom to enjoy the moments as they come.

Prioritize Self-Care

Don’t forget to build in some quiet time and self-care between all your big adventures!

There are lots of ways to unplug and unwind in the Texas Hill Country.

You can enjoy a sunrise hike at several of the spots in Wimberley and conveniently near Cypress Creek Cottages. You can enjoy the cooler weather and trails while things are a little quieter and have less traffic.

If you are someone who enjoys meditation or journaling, we have several great spots on our property and in Wimberley for you to find a quiet place to reflect and write, do yoga, or stretch as a refreshing start or end to your days.

Or spend an evening in your cottage’s private hot tub. Throw on your favorite tunes, pour yourself a drink, and enjoy one of our many in-room Experience packages. You can enjoy a relaxing soak while sipping on martinis, margaritas, beer, or coffee. Let the stress evaporate while the warm water soothes your tired muscles.

And speaking of tired muscles, why not add a spa experience to the vacation self-care routine? Cypress Creek Cottages offers a wide range of massages, from 30-minute facial massages and quick private chair massages to longer, more intense options like the 120-minute Swedish or deep tissue massages. And the best part? These in-room massages are available 7 days a week!

Each massage can be customized to your needs to help alleviate pain and stress, rejuvenate your mind and body, and make all your relaxing vacation dreams come true.

Texas Hill Country Guest Favorites

Take Shorter Trips, Too!

There is often a consensus that everyone waits all year for the one- or two-week big vacation. But living for that single big trip also puts more stress on the actual vacation time! You feel like everything has to be perfect, otherwise, you are “wasting” your vacation time.

Instead of setting yourself up for a year of hype and a week of slight (or major) disappointment, don’t forget to take some smaller moments throughout your busy schedule to enjoy an overnight or weekday getaway.

By doing this, you also get to enjoy several benefits.

First, it takes all the stress off the single vacation needing to be perfect. You can have a less-than-amazing overnight trip that doesn’t ruin your year or make you feel like you’ve lost valuable relaxation or adventure time.

Shorter trips allow you to learn and adjust your travel routines – from packing preferences to snack times, favorite restaurants and attractions, sleep schedules, and lodging preferences. For example, do you need those big bulky suitcases, or would some smaller bags and a collapsible wagon be better and more versatile for your beach trips, romantic hikes, theme park trips with the kids, etc.? You can use these smaller trips as great R&D for your larger trips. Part of the stress caused by vacations is the deviation from routine – you don’t have your normal house or apartment full of stuff for those “just in case” situations. But there are often easy alternatives – you just don’t want to have to find all of these alternatives at one time.

You can enjoy your bigger trips more if you’ve found ways to optimize small trips and increase your comfort and relaxation levels without all the pressure and fear of ruining the big annual vacation.

Booking Early Keeps Things Low-Stress

Last-minute plans are often more stressful than they are exciting. And procrastinating on vacation plans can not only stress you out, but they can also cost you more money.

Booking early is the first thing you should do when you are planning a low-stress or relaxing getaway. This allows you to get the best deals, discover and book all the fun activities you want without worrying about anything being sold out, and keeps your planning at a manageable level.

When you have to find accommodations and activities for you, your spouse, your friends, the kids, and your pets, it can get overwhelming. But that’s why Cypress Creek Cottages has a great location and a wide array of amenities for everyone to enjoy. We pride ourselves on being a place where families, pets, and couples can all find the getaway they are looking for.

You can click the button below to check our availability for next week, next month, and next year! And for about the same price as a hotel room, you can rent a newly-renovated cabin complete with a kitchen, hot tub, and multiple sleeping arrangements.

Reach out to us today with questions or use our easy booking process to secure your next relaxing getaway to the Texas Hill Country.

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