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Fun & Safe Ways to Celebrate the New Year

2020 has been stressful, ever-changing, and unprecedented. We are still feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and our holiday and New Year season is going to look different this year.

For the first time in 114 years, Times Square will not be full of people from around the world braving the elements to watch the ball drop.

And if one of the biggest parties in the world has been canceled, why not take your NYE party and head into the New Year in a relaxing, socially distant Texas cabin with your own personal hot tub?

Just because we can’t travel physically doesn’t mean we can’t bring some fun global traditions and activities to the Texas Hill Country!

Our free itinerary is the perfect tool for brainstorming and planning your next getaway to the Texas Hill Country. Click the link below to download yours today.

Fun New Year’s Traditions

January is a time for fresh starts and New Year’s resolutions. Enjoy your first trip of 2021 or ring in the New Year by trying some of these fun good luck traditions from around the world!

Food and Drink Traditions

In Spain, eating 12 grapes – one at each stroke of midnight – is said to bring you good luck in the New Year. In upstate New York, it is customary to hit a peppermint pig (yes, you read that right) until it breaks, and then eat a piece to guarantee good fortune in 2021.

Sprinkle in some greens to your getaway dishes – in many countries, green represents luck and good fortune (think four-leaf clovers, and dollar bills). Lots of Asian countries have traditions that involve eating long noodles on New Year’s Day to represent wishes for a long life!

Make a game out of these fun good-luck foods, or have a New Year’s Around the World family party in your private cabin at Cypress Creek Cottages.

In Russia, champagne is the way to make wishes come true. To complete the tradition, Russians write down their wish on a small piece of paper, burn it, and then sprinkle the ashes in a glass of champagne. If you drink the whole glass before midnight, your wish will come true! Bring your wish and we’ll get the bubbly! Order our romance experience package for a romantic NYE celebration for two, or contact us to add a bottle of Prosecco to your cabin amenities.

Fun Traditions from Around the Globe

In the Philippines, you are supposed to leave a window cracked on New Year’s, to let the old year out and invite the New Year in. Why not do it in the temperate Texas climate?

Don’t want to burn and drink your wishes like they do in Russia? Or looking for a kid-friendly option instead? No worries! You and your kids can write out your wishes, dreams, and goals and put them in a jar. Open the jar next New Year’s Eve to see what you’ve accomplished!

Another fun tradition comes from Denmark, where they literally JUMP into the new year! By standing on a chair and “leaping” into January, you invite good luck and banish bad luck for the year.

Stay Safe This New Year

“When planning to host a holiday celebration, you should assess current COVID-19 levels in your community to determine whether to postpone, cancel, or limit the number of attendees,” says the CDC.

We are all struggling with trying to make the most of the holiday season with family and friends without putting any of our most vulnerable loved ones at risk.

After the stress of figuring out how and where to have your family holidays, trying to make sure everyone is both comfortable and safe at your meals and traditions – take the stress and guesswork out of the equation while still getting into the festive spirit by taking your spouse, significant other, or a few friends to the Texas Hill Country.

Planning on staying home because you have the kids with you on NYE? Bring them along – don’t forget the family pet, too! – to share a unique and exciting new tradition with the ones you love most! Try some of the fun traditions we mentioned, or make up your own new ones!

Start the New Year in the Texas Hill Country

The New Year can still be fun! Enjoy creating your own new memories and traditions at Cypress Creek Cottages, where you have all the beauty and relaxation of a luxury hotel, with the safety and feel of a home away from home.

Choose one of our 12 private cottages – each with a private deck/patio, grill, and hot tub. Take a look at our availability to book your new year’s or January stay! All cottages offer access to Cypress Creek with several cottages located directly on the creek.

Worried about planning a holiday vacation with COVID-19 still hanging around? Cypress Creek Cottages is making sure your stay is socially distanced and safe.

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