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3 Common Vacation Stressors & How to Avoid Them

When you think about going on vacation, your first thoughts are often excitement: you’re thinking about all the fun things you can do, the ways you can enjoy some rest and relaxation, the happy prospect of “leaving it all behind” for a few days or weeks.

But once you start planning, there’s a lot to do: booking air or train tickets, packing, making sure the car is full of gas and working properly, remembering to bring your toothbrush, prescriptions, your kid’s favorite blanket or toy, making sure someone will watch the house and the dog, the list can get pretty daunting. But we wanted to talk today about some common vacation stressors and the ways in which Cypress Creek Cottages can help alleviate them, so you have an amazing Texas Hill Country vacation!

vacation stressors and how to avoid them

Money is One of the Biggest Vacation Stressors

The first thing that can stress you out about planning a vacation is the financial aspect. Vacations are, by definition, not a necessity for financial success – though we’d argue it’s a necessity for the enjoyment of life and for bringing people together to have fun as a couple, friend group, or family! And when you are leaving your home, you have to find a place that provides you with all the necessities and comforts of your home – a place to sleep, shower, relax, and more. And those places can get pricey very quickly.

Vacationers typically fall in one of two categories when it comes to selecting lodging for a getaway:

  • People who want a cost-effective place to stay because you will “only be sleeping there,” OR
  • People who wish to make the most of their vacation experience, including choosing a lodging option that is as comfortable or more than home.

And while amenities are a big part of choosing your ideal place to stay in the Texas Hill Country – or anywhere, for that matter – there are lots of other things to consider when you choose that place, like its proximity to fun or entertaining activities, plentiful dining or shopping options, and more.

Cypress Creek Cottages is an ideal place to stay, no matter which category you fall into. We offer a luxury experience – complete with a full kitchen, living area, and private hot tub – all for a price that is comparable to other lodging options in the area.

Concerns about Home & Pets

No matter how close or far you are traveling from home, it’s still your home and there are bound to be things you’ll worry about when you venture away for vacation. Some of the biggest vacation stressors outside of home security are worries about what to do with your kids or pets when you are planning a vacation. Leaving them with someone at home poses certain issues, and so does taking them with you. It’s up to you to decide what kind of adventure you want to have on your next getaway, but that doesn’t mean our staff at Cypress Creek Cottages isn’t thinking about those things, too.

That’s why we have larger living spaces and lots of access to the outdoors. We are also a luxury place to stay that has chosen to be pet-friendly for you! No more stressing about how many times you can send your kids and your precious pooch to your mom’s before she says something, and no need to have awkward conversations with neighbors or friends about making sure your fur baby takes her medicine or eats all his food. And you don’t have to cancel a trip because the place where you normally board your pets is full right now or closed due to COVID or other unforeseen circumstances.

And if you want some time on vacation without having to find pet-friendly restaurants or parks, you can leave them with us at Cypress Creek Cottages. We have a pet daycare package that can help you enjoy a vacation that includes your pet when you want and gives you some freedom when you don’t want to take them along on that romantic Texas Hill Country Picnic!

Managing the Needs of Each Group or Family Member

Most hotel rooms will comfortably sleep 2-4 people, but that’s assuming there are two beds in the room. And getting multiple rooms for a vacation isn’t ideal, especially if you have 5 or 6 people going and some of them are young children. Cypress Creek Cottages has spacious cabins with multiple rooms, allowing room for 3-6 people to sleep comfortably in the same connected space.

On top of that, another one of the big vacation stressors is managing the expectations of each person you’re vacationing with. Whether you’re traveling with a spouse, your extended family, or a group of friends, everyone has different interests and things they’d like to do while they’re on vacation. That’s why the Texas Hill Country is a wonderful destination to visit – there’s something for everyone!

Find a great swimming hole, spend some time shopping and exploring downtown Wimberley, have some fun adventures with your four-legged bestie, or take your family or friends on one of the many nature trails and outdoor activities that are sure to dazzle even the most hard-to-please vacationer! And if you need more help finding things to do, download our Hill Country Itinerary and start planning your vacation adventures from home today.

Cypress Creek Cottages Offers the Stress-Free Stay You’re Craving!

Planning your next vacation with family, friends, or your significant other should be easy! At Cypress Creek Cottages, you have all the natural beauty, relaxing atmosphere, and fun activities within reach of your cabin’s front door!

What are you waiting for? Cypress Creek Cottages is the perfect place for you to do all kinds of things, from hosting grand or romantic getaways like a wedding, elopement, or anniversary celebration to embarking on a fun and outdoorsy family vacation, wine adventure, or friends’ trip!

Choose one of our 12 private cottages – each with a private deck/patio, grill, and more. Take a look at our availability to book your perfect getaway. It’s both cozy and private while also being just a short walk or drive away from food, fun, and more!

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