best places to stay in the texas hill country

Comparing Cypress Creek Cottages with the Best Places to Stay in the Texas Hill Country

Hotels, motels, Airbnb, cottages, cabins, and more – there are a ton that say they are one of the best places to stay in the Texas Hill Country, and it can be difficult to know which one is the right one for you. Instead of just showing you our favorite things about Cypress Creek Cottages, we thought we would compare our favorite Hill Country lodging to Trip Savvy’s list of the Best Texas Hill Country Hotels so you can see how we really stack up against some of our top competition.

best places to stay in the texas hill conutry

Pros of the Best Places to Stay in the Texas Hill Country

Every place you choose to stay in the Texas Hill Country will be different, and it’s all about finding what’s right for you. We were curious how well we stacked up here at Cypress Creek Cottages against some of the best hotels in the area, so we wanted to go through the pros of these spots and compare them to what we offer our guests.

Many of the hotels on the list of the best places to stay in the Texas Hill Country mention “walking distance to Main Street” as a top benefit of their hotel’s location. And for the ones that didn’t have the proximity to downtown as a pro, they had something else to offer: the quiet privacy of a room away from the hustle and bustle where you can relax. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get all the luxury of a private space with the convenience of a downtown location?

Cypress Creek Cottages can do that for you! Our private cabins offer tranquil separation from our other guests and their doings while being less than two miles from a huge variety of nature-based and downtown activities and areas, including Old Baldy Trail, Wimberley Square, Blue Hole Regional Park, and so much more.

A recent Cypress Creek Cottages guest had this to say: “We loved staying at the Cypress Creek Cottages! The cottage was adorable and convenient to several bars, restaurants, and watering holes! Unwinding in the hot tub was sweet!”

Cons of the Best Places to Stay in the Texas Hill Country

The Trip Savvy list also offers helpful cons for each hotel. The two cons that show up the most on the list are that these places to stay are often not pet-friendly, and they can be noisy to stay in.

Both are non-issues with Cypress Creek Cottages. Your fur babies are family too, and we want them playing in the Cypress Creek and sitting on the patio while you and your loved ones spend a relaxing evening in your private hot tub. We even have an experience package that is made for pampering your pooch and making sure they are well taken care of while you’re off exploring or shopping in town.

We know what you’re thinking – show us the proof! Here is a review from a few guests who stayed with us in January 2022 and took advantage of our pet-friendly atmosphere:

“So we picked this place (specifically Green #5) b/c of all the pet-friendly amenities. While they describe it online, it’s just NOT the same as in person! This place truly cares about your fur baby! They have a nice big fluffy bed, bowls, potty pad, baggies, treats, and a TOY to take home! They also have both the couch and bed covered with doggie quilts! it’s great!”

And since all Cypress Creek Cottages’ cabins are separate from each other, you won’t have to worry about sharing walls or buildings with other guests!

COVID Concerns

Another thing you have to think about during these uncertain times is the health and wellness of your traveling buddies in addition to the health, safety, and cleaning protocols of the place you will be staying. Healthline has shared a helpful article about how to determine if a vacation rental (from hotel to Airbnb and more) is safe to travel through right now, and we want you to rest assured that we take your health and our cleaning duties very seriously. 

Cypress Creek Cottages has increased cleaning policies to ensure our cabins are safe and ready for you. And since none of our cabins are physically connected to each other, it makes social distancing easy and puts your mind at ease that you don’t have to walk through clogged or crowded hallways past people who may or may not be wearing masks. The point of a getaway is to escape the common stressors of your everyday life, and that, unfortunately, includes the threat of COVID-19. We are prepared to keep you safe, healthy, and having the time of your life at your Wimberley home away from home. For more information on what we’re doing to protect you, check out our COVID protocols and resources here.

Cypress Creek Cottages Unique Features

Cypress Creek Cottages is something to talk about, and our Tripadvisor Reviews prove it! Some of the most common things our satisfied guests gush about include relaxing in the private hot tub, centralized location, relaxing atmosphere, clean cottages, and comfy beds!

For the same price as a regular, single hotel room, you can come to Cypress Creek Cottages and get an entire cottage with a private deck and hot tub – and who doesn’t want more privacy, luxury, and better views without spending any extra money? ​

Cypress Creek Cottages offers more than just a room for the night. We want you to have an exceptional time on the property and in the greater Texas Hill Country as well.

That’s why we offer gorgeous outdoor meeting areas for corporate events, family reunions, weddings, and more.

And if you are looking for a more intimate gathering or special occasion, you can plan your engagement or wedding, girls’ trip, or family vacation with Cypress Creek Cottages, too!

We have experience packages available for when you are celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, or just spending some much-needed time away from your normal routine.

Unless you are paying for resort-style lodging, it’s hard to find another place with such natural beauty, great places to have a bite to eat, and where you can walk into your private cabin and have a bottle of champagne, a bucket of beer, or flowers and chocolates ready for you to enjoy!

Your Cabin is Waiting for You

Aside from the views, competitive price, and great location, your cabin will feel like home when you stay with us. Each cabin has been designed both for function and for feel, with a living room, full kitchen, and dining area, as well as a hot tub, grill, free Wi-Fi, and a flatscreen TV. Cypress Creek Cottages isn’t just another room to sleep in – it’s an extension of the relaxation and excitement that every vacation to the Texas Hill Country should bring.

Do you think we’re one of the best places to stay in the Texas Hill Country? Book your cabin today and let us know!

Choose one of our 12 private cottages – each with a private deck/patio, grill, and more. Take a look at our availability to book your perfect getaway. It’s both cozy and private while also being just a short walk or drive away from food, fun, and more!

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