pet-friendly vacation

How to Have the Best Vacation with Your Pet

Going on vacation with your pet doesn’t have to be a hassle or a “to-don’t.” We love our fur babies, feathered friends, and animal companions. They deserve to have a fun vacation right alongside you!

We thought we’d also share some great tips, tricks, and ideas on how to have the best vacation with your pet.

pet-friendly vacation

Plan Ahead for Pet-Friendly Vacation Trips

Just like you must plan differently for a trip with the girls versus a trip with the whole extended family, planning and packing for a pet-friendly trip is unique in its own ways.

First things first – you have to decide how, when, and where your favorite non-human family members are going to be included in the trip. Hopefully, you are bringing them along to share in at least some of the fun activities and adventures you have planned. We recently shared a blog article about some of our favorite pet-friendly adventures in Wimberley to help you find some great Texas Hill Country inspiration.

Whether you are driving or flying, you’ll need to bring food and water (plus travel bowls for them) as well as any leashes, harnesses, or other accessories for traversing crowds and wilderness with your four-legged friend. Don’t forget any medications and vaccine records – no one wants a vet bill on vacation, but your trip will go more smoothly if you have those things ready, just in case. And it’s always a good idea to know where the nearest clinic or pet hospital is. From Cypress Creek Cottages, the Cypress Creek Animal Hospital is just a few minutes’ drive and they’re open every day but Sunday, from 7:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. There are also a few other places like Wimberley Veterinary Clinic and Apollo Veterinary nearby.

At Cypress Creek Cottages, your pet will stay with you in your cabin – when they’re not out exploring Cypress Creek or playing in the pet park on the premises. We also have several amenities available for them because, after all, it’s their vacation, too!

Prep Your Pet for the Public

Just because your beloved shepherd or doodle mix is a perfect angel at home doesn’t mean they will handle all public places well.

It’s important to be aware of and teach your pet about etiquette for pets in public places, especially highly-populated ones. To have the best vacation with your pet, you should start socializing them early and do it often.

When it comes to dining with your pets, we recommend following these tips:

  • If your dog is aggressive or anxious in public (either as a general rule or just in a specific place), you should remove yourself and your pet.
  • Feed your pet before you go
  • Call ahead to see what the restaurant’s pet policies are and whether they’ve changed over time or just differ from what’s listed on their website or social media accounts.
  • Keep shots and flea or tick medications up to date.
  • Bring a water bowl with you, but no treats or toys – you don’t want your little buddy to end up in a fight with someone else’s pet over an ill-placed toy.

Take Your Pets Somewhere with Wide Open Spaces

The best thing about bringing your pet to Cypress Creek Cottages is that you are within an hour of so many fun things from Austin to San Antonio, but you can also take advantage of all the room to roam that the Texas Hill Country offers.

Go on hikes, find a good swimming hole or river to explore in the sunshine, and take a hike up to a secluded picnic spot – the opportunities are endless.

With all that room to move around without other people or pets around, yours will have the time of their life exploring, playing, and hanging out with you!

Head to Austin, TX for the Best Vacation with Your Pet

Did you know that Austin, Texas was named one of TripAdvisor’s 20 perfect pet-friendly vacation spots across America?

It’s just a 50-minute drive from downtown Wimberley to downtown Austin. And there are tons of great dog-friendly events going on every month that you, your fur baby, and your family and friends will love! You can enjoy the events in and around the big city, then come on home to Cypress Creek Cottages and relax with some VIP treatment (for pups and people alike).

pet-friendly vacation

Pet-Friendly Vacation Resources

And because it’s im-paw-sible to keep track of everything you may need, we wanted to share some of our favorite resources for traveling with pets. – this resource lets you type in locations as well as restaurant types and specific names and check to see what pet-friendly options are available to you. You can click here to see the list they’ve got for Wimberley!

ASPCA Travel Safety Tips – one of the largest animal-centric non-profits in the USA, ASPCA shared an article with the best tips for traveling with your pets. – This travel blog has all kinds of great articles about how to have the best vacation with your pet, including topics like:

American Kennel Club Travel & Adventure – This resource has a ton of helpful articles and videos about pet-friendly vacation hacks and things to remember.

Get the VIP (Very Important Pet) Experience with Your Stay at Cypress Creek Cottages

Bring the heart of your family with you to the heart of the Texas Hill Country.

We don’t just allow pets at Cypress Creek Cottages – we encourage you to bring them and have created several opportunities to include them in your vacation fun without adding unnecessary stress for you or them!

The VIP (Very Important Pet) Treatment includes a welcome package and letter, pet treats, complimentary toy, pet pillow, bowls, potty pickup bags, and wee pads (we all make mistakes, right?).

While you are here, you will have unlimited access to the pet park, located near Cottages 2 and 3, and access to Cypress Creek, and pet daycare options for when you want to explore places your four-legged best friend can’t go.

Cypress Creek Cottages is one of the highest-rated places to stay in the Texas Hill Country, and we are also one of the highest-rated rental options that are also pet-friendly! Your fur babies are family, and we believe they should be pampered on their vacation just as much as you are.

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