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Planning a 2023 Wedding or Gathering? Trends and Tips

Are you starting to plan your 2023 wedding or gathering? It can seem daunting if you’re not sure what to expect or where to start. Fortunately, whether your event is intimate or extravagant, there are plenty of ideas out there to make planning a breeze.

If you are planning a wedding or other gathering in 2023, it can be difficult to know how to prepare for the future. With the ever-changing landscape of today’s world, it is important to stay up to date with the newest wedding trends and party tips for your upcoming event. In this article, we will provide key insights into planning a 2023 wedding or gathering in order to ensure that your special day is one of memories and joy.

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2023 Wedding: Multi-Day Festivities & Celebrations Are Making a Comeback

In the immediate post-COVID era, micro-weddings, short ceremonies, and distanced or remote celebrations were really popular. But now that we are getting further from the days of the government shutdowns and mask mandates (in many places), people are ready to party together again!

The 2023 wedding will likely move back to longer and more well-attended festivities. One of the top trends includes multi-day celebrations. This is perfect if you are planning a Hill Country wedding and want to enjoy a full weekend in the wedding bubble, you can book with us. You can enjoy your bachelor and bachelorette parties in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, surrounded by natural beauty and lots of wineries, breweries, and gorgeous dinner spots. And you won’t have to rush around to make it to your venue, because your cabin and your 2023 wedding venue are on the same property!

It also makes it easier for your guests and 2023 wedding party – they don’t have to worry about traffic or finding a ride home from the wedding venue back to a hotel or Airbnb, you can relax around a fire together, enjoy drinks in our outdoor pavilion, and even find time to enjoy your private hot tub!

This is true of family reunions, alumni events, and other group gatherings as well. Your friends and family come from all over the world to visit you, so why not make a long weekend of it? And having a place to stay that is centrally located, like cypress Creek Cottages, is a fun way to include everyone, from the college friends who just popped down from San Antonio to your sister’s family who is stationed in Japan and home for a few weeks in the summer.

Another 2023 wedding trend expected to continue from past years is destination weddings! But because the past few years have been hard on nearly everyone, that tropical paradise wedding may be a bit out of the budget for you. But that’s no reason to give up on destination nuptials!

There are tons of beautiful natural landmarks and waterways in the Hill Country that would serve as an excellent destination wedding spot, without the inflated price tag. There is obviously a creek at Cypress Creek Cottages, and there are lots of gorgeous nature paths, hills, and other scenic spots that would be perfect for exchanging vows. You’ll just have to choose which spot is your favorite!

Mixed Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties (and Families or Groups with Different Interests)

Mixed wedding parties (male bridesmaids, female groomsmen) continue to be a popular trend in 2023 wedding planning, and that means mixed bachelor and bachelorette parties! And more couples are opting for intertwined celebrations, rather than the traditional “no men allowed” bachelorette celebrations and “last night as a free man out with the boys” bachelor shindigs.

The Texas Hill Country is a perfect place to hold a mixed party. There are several gorgeous golf courses near Wimberley and Cypress Creek Cottages, lots of distinct and unique wineries and breweries to hop to and from, and so much more.

You can even have separate celebrations on the same day in and around Wimberley and you may not even run into each other! Or you can hang out at a winery with your bridesmaids while the boys golf or enjoy another fun outdoor activity, and then meet up at a chic spot for dinner later in the day!

When it comes to planning a Hill country reunion, friends’ getaway, or alumni event, the same is true for you! Bring the kids, the dogs, and the snacks – it’s going to be a fun-filled Texas Hill Country adventure. There are museums to explore, lots of great swimming holes, opportunities to see fall colors or go hiking, and so many other great shopping, dining, and outdoor options for travelers of all ages and interests.

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Elaborate Venues and Cinematic Celebrations Are on Their Way Out

The “big show” part of weddings will likely be on its way out in 2023. Post-pandemic wedding planners have noticed more of an uptick in the more candid, interactive parts of the celebrations they’re setting up.

More candid wedding group and couples’ photos, a resurgence of disposable cameras as wedding favors, and a downgrade on the movie-worthy venue rental are all going to be strong wedding features in 2023. The wedding ceremony is often more personalized, shorter, and includes more of the couple’s important figures in their lives. Wedding themes, wedding colors, and wedding design, in general, will likely be less modeled after the traditional wedding ceremony and celebration rites, and more about specific couple interests and passions.

The showy, big bang celebration is waning in many areas. People just want to spend time together and make great memories with the ones they love. And cypress creek Cottages is a perfect place to capture that feeling.

No need to stay in a fancy hotel by yourself until it’s time to head down to the festivities. You can cook breakfast with your family and friends on the morning of your big day, pop into your parent’s cabin to have a quiet moment before the ceremony, or relax in the hot tub as you wind down the night before you say, “I do.”

We have plenty of gathering areas for your guests (of any celebration) to enjoy. Let go of the tight schedules and the “we need to have everyone gone and things cleaned up by this time” stress.

Book Your Events Early

Because the event industry is changing so drastically from what was popular even two or three years ago, it’s important that you start planning and booking your 2023 gatherings soon. The holidays are over and you won’t want to miss out on your perfect Hill Country wedding venue or your favorite family vacation spots in and around Wimberley.

Booking early not only guarantees you get the cabins and gathering areas on the day you want to be celebrating at Cypress Creek Cottages, it also relieves the stress of having to scramble and find venues and vendors at the last minute.

Wedding and gathering trends come and go every year, but the ones that are popular are always the first options that get booked by someone else if you don’t stay ahead of the game yourself.

2023 Weddings and Gatherings: Book with a Venue You Trust

We’ve all heard the horror stories from the past few years: wedding venues folding mere days or weeks before scheduled weddings were to take place, photographers going out of business and never giving weddings, reunions, and other gathering parties the memories they paid for.

With the state of so many industries in transition periods in 2022, our top tip if you are planning a wedding or gathering in 2023 is to book with vendors and venues you know you can trust.

Cypress Creek Cottages has a long history of providing beautiful, intimate venue options and lodging for your next big event. You can get married or reunite with long-missed extended family or alumni groups right here in the heart of the Texas Hill Country.

Our team at Cypress Creek Cottages is here to help you get your 2023 group events off the ground with as little stress as possible. Check out our 2023 wedding and large group vacation rental packages today.

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