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Reunion FAQs: What We’ve Learned After Hosting 200 Reunions

Cypress Creek Cottages is a great destination for your next alumni or family reunion. We should know – we’ve hosted more than 200 reunions here!

And through all of that, we’ve learned a few things and had our fair share of questions thrown our way. Because of that, we wanted to run through some of our most asked questions, ranging from property and capacity to planning, logistics, and more.

Here are some of our top reunion FAQs.

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Reunion FAQs: Planning

We recently shared a blog article with tips on how to plan a family reunion in the Texas Hill Country, so you might start there if you are struggling with what and how to plan your next reunion event.

What games should we play at the reunion?

There are several different game styles to choose from. For example, family reunion games can be anything from having your family members bring their favorite board and card games to more family-oriented things like a Show and Tell, Talent Show, creating a family photo album, or a scavenger hunt for family members with certain traits (same eye color or other physical family traits, objects in the venue or things you can find outside, etc.

It’s also important to look at the age group of attendees. The silly Red Rover, Tag, and Hide and Seek games are great for children, but will not be as fun for older family members.

Here are some lists of unique games to create or play together, or you can check out the top board games (both classic and contemporary) and most popular card games (from then to now).

Or you can bring your own games that have family significance. For instance, I remember playing Mad Gab with my family on several holidays – the games and activities can also be spread out so several groups can enjoy their favorites at the same time.

When it comes to alumni reunions, the games can be more based on conversation starters, ice breakers, and community building. They can be tailored to specific classes or major areas of study (for college reunions), or can include nostalgic references to events, people, and trends that were prevalent in the years your attendees were students.

Details and Logistics Reunion FAQs

When, where, and what time should I hold the reunion?

Cypress Creek Cottages is located at 104 Scudder Lane in Wimberley, Texas. You can check out our property map to find your cabin, the group gathering area, and more.

When it comes to choosing a date and time for your reunion, here are a few quick tips:

  • Most class, alumni, and family reunions are held in the summer, but the mild fall, winter, and spring weather in the Texas Hill Country extend that window for you. Texas summers can get hot, but the rest of the year often offers mild but sunny weather, perfect for an outdoor reunion.
  • You should consider the activities and “busy season” of the people you are inviting: do your event attendees have children? This will make reunions during the active school year more difficult to plan and execute, for example. But if you operate a business that sees most of its profits made from October through December (the holiday season), you could easily plan a reunion or gathering in the spring.
  • The time of your reunion should be based on the activities and features you want your reunion to have – Cypress Creek Cottages has a fire pit, so if you’d like to enjoy a relaxing evening around the fire, plan your reunion for an evening or dinner time so you can take advantage of that. If there are lots of children attending, an earlier start time would work better so parents can get their kids to bed at a decent time.
  • Most importantly – for smaller reunions, just ask the people you’re inviting! They can tell you what dates and times do or don’t work for them.

Where do I park?

The property map can also show you where the handicapped parking and Tesla charging areas are located. There is individual parking outside each of the cottages.

What is the dress code?

Every reunion is different, though most family reunions will be casual dress and many school reunions will often be business casual or semi-formal.

But the more important question to determine the dress code is: what are you going to be doing at your reunion?

If you are having a cookout, bonfire, or barbecue, it doesn’t make sense to have everyone dress formally. But if you are taking photos for an alumni newsletter or for an important multi-generational family photo, you may want to dress up a bit to match that important moment.

If you’ll have outdoor seating, like at Cypress Creek Cottages, or other fun games, inflatables, or events, casual dress codes will suit that event better. It’s also important to think about the weather – an outdoor black-tie affair isn’t going to pair well with a Texas summer.

What Does It Look Like to Host a Reunion at Cypress Creek Cottages?

Our Outdoor Gathering Area is perfect for small events from reunions to corporate retreats and weddings. It includes a covered common area with seating for up to 40 guests, and it includes a full kitchen for your convenience.

If you are looking for a place to hold your next alumni or family reunion, look no further!

When you book an event at Cypress Creek Cottages, you’ll get:

  • A dedicated staff member to work with you and/or your coordinator
  • Assigned booking code with group discounts on nightly lodging rates
  • Distribution of any items you have for your guests: welcome packages, agendas, programs, letters, gifts, etc.
  • Reduced rates for the use of our Outdoor Gathering Area when you book six or more cottages
  • Individual or group booking and billing upon request.

You can book your reunion or gathering with Cypress Creek Cottages directly, just click this link and you can check the availability of our event space.

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