summer vacation pet care

Summer Vacation Pet Care Tips

Have you spent months dreaming about summers and vacations the way we have? More and more people are starting to think about their next adventure. But summer and vacations mean different responsibilities for pet owners. That’s why we wanted to share some summer pet care tips for the season!

If you have a dog or cat and you love to travel, these tips are for you! Because your pets should be as safe and happy as you while you are on vacation.

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summer vacation pet care

Pay Attention to the Heat

Your pets have limited ability to deal with heat, just like you do. Make sure your fur-covered friends have lots of water available and spots to hang out in that are away from direct sunlight.

This includes vacations! If you’re headed to the beach for the day, be sure to pack a doggy bowl you can put water in, as well as some sun-covering accessories like umbrellas, or blankets you can drape over some trees or bushes to provide shade.

Prep for Pests

There are bugs everywhere, and your pet’s fur is a great place for them to hang out. When you are planning your summer adventures, remember that every place you go could have different risks in terms of pests. And don’t forget about chemicals!

Many insecticides and pesticides are harmful to cats and dogs, so be sure to keep an eye on the areas your fur babies are playing in. If there are areas that look well-manicured like lawns, sports fields, or other lush areas, give your pups a good rinse after their play date.

As for protecting them from creepy crawly critters, you should talk to your vet about preventative measures that can combat fleas, ticks, and other pests from hitching a ride on your pet.

Water Safety Is Also Important

Are you headed to one of the many amazing and popular water spots that offer great swimming in the Texas Hill Country (or anywhere for that matter)?

It’s easy to think your pet can handle the stream you and your family are playing in, but don’t forget to keep an eye out for the possible dangers. Your pooch is a lot shorter than you and can get quickly fatigued when they’re playing in the water with you. Remember to take frequent breaks – for your pets and your family – so you can rest and recharge.

Every natural water source also carries the potential for new or harmful bacteria to find their way into or onto your pets. Be sure that you are swimming in areas that are non-toxic for people and pets (for example, some lakes and other water sources can experience harmful or dangerous algae blooms during peak seasons and certain weather patterns).

And be sure to have fresh water sources for your pet to drink from. The last thing you want on your family vacation is to have your pooch swallow a bunch of lake water and get some kind of diarrhea-inducing bacteria that will be no fun for anyone.

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