texas hill country hidden gems

Texas Hill Country Hidden Gems to Explore

There are lots of popular reasons why the Texas Hill Country is a great vacation destination no matter the time of the year. And there are plenty of claims to fame in the area, like the amazing swimming holes and other activities. But what about those hidden gems?

Sometimes, some of the best vacation memories are made when you find that one spot or attraction that everyone else seems to overlook. You know the ones – the underwater lake in Tennessee or a great mom-and-pop restaurant that still serves milkshakes and malts like they did in the 1950s. These are the types of Texas Hill Country hidden gems we want to highlight today – the ones that will surprise and delight you with their uniqueness and obscure value.

Everyone loves the big attractions in the Texas Hill Country, including the swimming holes, waterfalls, wineries, and great views, but let’s dig a little deeper to find some special small or lesser-known must-see items in the Hill Country.

texas hill country hidden gems

Ride a Jackalope in Wimberley’s Pioneer Town

Did you know that Wimberley has its own replica of a Pioneer Town? It’s a fun way to pass the time with your family as you explore the historic and weird Texas attractions, which include a functioning arcade, an ice cream parlor, and even a house made entirely of glass bottles (it’s the only soft drink bottle in the US)! Pioneer Town is located at 7A Ranch in Wimberley and is free to the public.

As a bonus, for the low price of one dollar, you can even ride a giant jackalope! It’s a cute place to make some fun and unique memories, and that’s why it’s our first on the list of Texas Hill Country hidden gems.

Big Slice of Pie in Kyle, TX

Just 25 minutes east of Wimberley is Kyle, TX, which is home to the Big Slice of Pie! The Texas Pie Company serves more than a dozen pies, from Coconut Cream to Almond Joy and Southern Pecan, as well as cheesecakes, bars, brownies, macaroons, and more.

The Big Slice of Pie is a huge piece of cherry-inspired goodness that is mounted to the roof of the Texas Pie Company’s restaurant. Stop in for lunch or just to grab a slice of pie to go!

Take a Hike in The Dinosaur Park

You never know what you might see on the hiking trails of the Texas Hill Country. In Cedar Creek, the Dinosaur Park is like walking through an outdoor museum full of life-size dino replicas!

Located just an hour from Cypress Creek Cottages, Dino Park is open Thursday through Sunday and offers fossil digs, a playground, and a picnic area. Take a hike, get some fun photos, and even celebrate your little one’s birthday at this Texas Hill Country hidden gem!

Visit a Dance Hall

Did you know that 11 of the best dance halls in the state of Texas are within 50 miles of Wimberley? There are tons of wonderful and weird attractions that are just a short drive from Cypress Creek Cottages in Wimberley, which is located right in the heart of the Texas Hill Country.

For example, Mercer Dancehall is one of the closest options. Located in Driftwood, just a short 20-minute drive from Wimberley, Mercer Dancehall is open Friday through Sunday, and they have live music every weekend! They’ve got snacks, beer, wine, and cider, and they welcome everyone ages 18 and up.

You can also check out Texas’s oldest dance hall in New Braunfels, called Greune Hall. Their calendar shows live music every night of the week, and your entertainment is set in a true-to-Texas venue with lots of great history!

If you are looking for a different dance hall experience, there are 9 more to choose from within that 50-mile radius of Wimberley.

Rough Creek Ranch & Lavender Fields

7 miles outside of Wimberley, you’ll find the Rough Creek Ranch and Lavender Fields. You can check out the working roping horse ranch and beautiful lavender fields. You can walk through the fields and pick your own lavender, purchase products made from the ranch crop, and just sit and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the largest lavender farm in the Wimberley Valley.

Which of the Texas Hill Country Hidden Gems We Listed Is Your Favorite?

After you spend your days (and even your nights) exploring all the exciting, beautiful, fun, and weird Texas attractions that the Hill Country has to offer, you can return home to your own hidden gem of a cabin at Cypress Creek Cottages.

You can bring your family to see things like the Watermelon Thump & Water Tower in Luling and check out the World’s Largest Shovel in Creedmoor. Or you can spend your days in pioneer towns, dance halls, or lavender fields – there’s so much to discover and enjoy in the Texas Hill country.

And the best part is: if you run out of time on your trip to explore all the Texas Hill Country Hidden Gems, you can come back and see us at Cypress Creek Cottages. Our cabins are waiting for you!

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