texas hill country hidden gems

Walking Wimberley – Have Fun on Foot in the THC

We’re finally seeing the light at the end of the post-COVID tunnel – travel restrictions have decreased, even in airports. And no one wants to spend their first summer in over two years stuck at home because of the price of gas. Because of that, we wanted to talk about some great ways to decrease your gas usage on your next trip to the Texas Hill Country.

The national average for gas prices has only recently started to come down from the $5.00 mark. And though places like California and New York are seeing prices as high as $6.00 above, it’s still not fun to pay more than $4.00 a gallon here in Texas.

Instead, let’s put on our walking shoes and take to Wimberley the old-fashioned way – on foot!

texas hill country hidden gems

2022 Summer Vacation in Wimberley, TX: Walking Adventures

Wimberley, TX is the perfect spot for your 2022 summer vacation. You can find all kinds of walking trails, diverse restaurant, wine, and beer experiences, and tons of other outdoor activities.

The town itself is small but exciting. According to the Visit Austin Website, Wimberley, TX is “one of the most interesting adventures in the Texas Hill Country.”

Here are some great attractions that you can walk to if you are staying at Cypress Creek Cottages in Wimberley, TX.

10-Minute Walk or Less from Cypress Creek Cottages

We first want to highlight our namesake, since it’s a 0-minute walk from Cypress Creek Cottages – it’s Cypress Creek. Cottage Cottage 9 – Amethyst, Cottage 10 – Coral, and Cottage 11 – Jade all have direct access to the creek, and the rest of our cottages can access the creek via a direct path on the edge of our property. Swim, play with your pets and kids, and enjoy some perfect Texas Hill Country sun!

Cypress Creek Nature Trail Park is a quick 4-minute walk from Cypress Creek Cottages. Take in the gorgeous landscape, flowers, and fresh air on 2.3 miles of trails.

10- to 30-Minute Walk

No need to drive into the big city to find some great shopping – Wimberley, TX has you covered.

Coming in at just under a 30-minute walk is the amazing Wimberley Market Days spot. It is the Texas Hill Country’s oldest outdoor market, and the 2nd largest in Texas, according to their Facebook page.

You can check out all the vendors (there are more than 500) and excitement on the 1st Saturday of every month, March through December. It’s a perfect pick-me-up for an after-breakfast stroll or an afternoon adventure around Wimberley, TX. Check out their website for more details.

Another 29-minute walk includes the shopping and restaurant area known as Wimberley Square. The one-of-a-kind shops and items there are definitely worth an afternoon of browsing. And it’s right beside our next entry on the walking list, Cypress Creek Nature Preserve!

30- to 60-Minute Walk

Just over 30 minutes on foot gets you to Cypress Creek Nature Preserve. The land here has never been farmed or developed, making it an amazing and unique destination for nature lovers.

And right next to the Cypress Creek Nature Preserve is Blue Hole Regional Park, which on its own is a 42-minute walk (or an 8-minute drive) from Cypress Creek Cottages. This park has one of the 10 best swimming holes in the entire country, so you won’t want to miss out on spending a day here with your family and friends. Blue Hole Regional Park also has 4.5 miles of trails to hike and enjoy.

At 41 minutes by foot, Old Baldy is a Wimberley wonder you don’t want to miss. With a unique history and some interesting landmarks, the views from Old Baldy are a nice reward for your roundtrip walk from Cypress Creek Cottages.

From the Footpath to Having Your Feet Up – Cypress Creek Cottages Is Waiting for You

After you spend all day walking, hiking, and exploring everything you can in Wimberley, TX, come rest your feet in your private cabin and hot tub. Let the kids hang out at the end of the day and watch TV while you make dinner in your full kitchen – or just order pizza and pop open your favorite bottle of wine and relax as the evening winds down into a cool, Texas night.

Your 2022 summer vacation isn’t about how long you and your family can handle being in the car – it’s about leaving the car behind and finding some real adventure in the heart of the Texas Hill Country.

What are you waiting for?

Choose one of our 12 private cottages at Cypress Creek Cottages for your next walking, biking, hiking, or hanging adventure! Take a look at our availability to book your cabin today.

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