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Weekday Getaways: 5 Benefits

Weekends are the obvious choice for a short vacation or getaway. Most community and seasonal events fall on the weekends, and it’s the time when many people don’t have to work. But let’s show some love to those Sunday through Thursday adventures! Here are some benefits of weekday getaways.

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weekday getaways

Lodging Is Cheaper & Easier to Book

This isn’t news, but traveling during the week is often much cheaper. Because the weekdays are not in demand like the weekends are, your favorite place to stay marks down the price of the rooms in order to entice people to stay during the downtime.

Also, it’s easier to book a stay on a weekday because of that lowered demand. We all know how disappointing it is to have to book your second, third, or fourth option for a hotel or other lodging because there’s a big event in town or you didn’t reserve your stay far enough in advance. When you stay during the week – unless there is a big, crowd-drawing event nearby – you can get cheaper rooms even if you wait a little longer to book a stay (an advantage that is even more helpful as the uncertainties around the coronavirus pandemic continue to affect travel around the country and the world).

This is oftentimes true of airfare as well – many weekend flights are more expensive.

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Smaller Crowds

Unless you enjoy longer wait times and larger lines at attractions and must-see sights in the area where you’re vacationing, weekdays are going to always have the added benefit of being times when venues, restaurants, museums, wineries, breweries, shopping malls, retail stores, and outdoor activities are less crowded. And events that take place during the week are also less popular because people are working. So concerts and other seasonal activities are likely still going on, just on a smaller scale or with shorter hours.

Cheaper Events

And speaking of events and attractions, it’s time to cash in on those matinée deals! Just like your movie tickets are cheaper if you go in the morning or early afternoon, your event tickets are often less expensive when you book weekday options.

More Flexibility and Opportunities for Fun

As a double benefit, the shorter lines and smaller crowds also mean you can maximize your vacation time! Think of it like going to an amusement park when it’s not peak season. You don’t have to be as strategic about what 2 or 3 things you want to do, you will have time to do twice as much without the hustle and bustle of the bigger crowds. Instead of sacrificing one event or attraction for another, you’ll have more time for both if you do them on weekdays!

Lower Stress

I don’t know about you, but waiting in line and trying to make my way through crowds with a group of friends or my entire family is not a stress-free experience. And sometimes, the best memories are made when you have time to enjoy your vacation experience without the crowds. Sure, a morning hike through the Texas Hill Country is still enjoyable in the height of tourist season (typically in the fall and spring), but it’s definitely just a little more fulfilling and relaxing if the trails have fewer people on them.

Weekday getaways allow you to have all the fun of a long weekend, with less stress and more opportunities to make the most of your getaway.

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