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Why It’s Best to Book Vacations Early

Planning a vacation can be an exciting experience; however, it can also be difficult to decide when to book your trip. If you want to get the most out of your vacation, we recommend you book vacations early. There are several reasons why booking vacations early can save you money and give you peace of mind. From the availability of accommodations to cost savings, there are many benefits to consider when deciding when to book your next vacation.

Vacation planning can quickly become overwhelming when you consider all the details that go into it. One of the most important decisions you’ll make is deciding when the best time is to book your vacation – and choosing to book early can have its advantages. In this article, we’ll explore the reasons why it’s best to book vacations early so that you can get the most out of your trip.

Why You Should Book Vacations Early: The Savings

Even if you aren’t a coupon clipper, you also probably don’t want to pay more for vacation-related expenses just because you forgot to book early – you want to get the best prices! Airline tickets and hotel prices are the biggest examples of this – the more availability you see when you are booking, the cheaper your prices will be.

As demand for a certain flight (because it’s a popular travel holiday, there are big events in the area, etc.) goes up, so does the price. The same is true for many rentals – hotels are often most guilty of this. When there are fewer hotel rooms left, you’ll notice the price of those rooms increases, sometimes exponentially.

When you book flights, lodging, and other vacation expenses further in advance, you can often take advantage of some big savings! With travel and other expenses becoming a bit more unpredictable since 2020, it’s often not as lucrative to wait for last-minute deals on flights, rental cars, and other travel items.

book vacations early

You Get the Best Dates

We’ve all done it – booking your lodging for the next family vacation or anniversary trip to the Texas Hill Country has been on the to-do list for weeks, maybe months. And when you finally log on to check out the availability of your favorite rental (read: Cypress Creek Cottages), you can only find cabins available for two days after your intended vacation, or single nights in the middle of the week.

We already shared some of the reasons why weekday getaways are the best – but they lack a bit of their luster when you had your heart set on spending specific days and nights adventuring or just enjoying some quality time with your favorite people.

You also want to book vacations early when they center around specific holidays or festivities. Is your favorite band coming to town or you are looking forward to having some Fourth of July fun at one of our many swimming holes? So does everyone else who is looking forward to those events! Booking early can take the stress out of trying to ensure that you don’t miss out on a great place to stay by waiting too long to start working on your vacation to-do list.

Helps Guarantee Time Off

Booking early also helps to guarantee that you can get the time off. Many workplaces honor the earliest vacation requests first – so if you don’t want to have to fight your coworkers for your preferred vacation time, you should book everything early and let your superiors know that you already have your vacation expenses booked!

You can also often use this advance notice to your advantage if you are taking your little ones with you on vacation and that vacation happens to fall during the school year.

Less Stress

No one waits until the last minute to plan things because it makes things easier, right? So why would you want to invite any added stress in your life, especially when it comes to vacations?

When you book early, you have the flexibility to change your mind later if those dates or that great vacation destination don’t work for you or your family. But when you book late, you create more stress for yourself, and often that stress takes a toll during vacation time.

Give yourself some grace and book early so you can enjoy the vacation and the lead-up to it! Booking your vacation early has also been known to increase your excitement about the trip and give you more peace of mind at the same time.

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More Time to Focus on Other Trip Planning

Once you’ve locked in your favorite cabin in the Texas Hill Country for the dates you wanted, the fun can begin!

You can spend the next weeks or months planning the fun activities you’ll want to do while you’re in the area, and you can even find some great places to stop along the way if an old-school road trip is more your speed.

Booking the big things like rental cars, flights, and lodging early frees you up to start working on the other aspects of your vacation planning. It means more time to find the perfect dress for your Hill Country elopement or find some pet-friendly adventures for your family vacation.

Get Your Favorite Lodging for Your Vacation

Another top reason why you should book vacations early is to make sure you get the lodging you want! The earlier you book, especially at Cypress Creek Cottages, the more likely you’ll get the exact lodging and amenities that you wanted. No one wants to cram three kids and a spouse into a single hotel room with a king bed, right? That’s why you need to book your lodging now, even if you aren’t going to visit us in Wimberley until the fall – during our busy seasons, cabins fill up fast.  

And don’t worry about having to make all the decisions too early. At Cypress Creek Cottages:

  • you can add in-room experiences to your bookings up until 24 hours before your stay begins.
  • Reserve your spa treatments online at any time.
  • Per our cancellation policy, you can suspend your reservation up to 3 days before your stay (for non-holidays) if something comes up between the time you booked and the time you booked your stay. A reservation suspension is a full credit that never expires and can be used for any future stay.

Cypress Creek Cottages is the perfect place for your girls’ weekend, family vacation, romantic getaway, and so much more.

Check out our cottages today and book vacations early with us – like your spring break and summer family trips for 2023!

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